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Hi and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 31st October 2011 


Quote for the week

"You can STAND TALL when you know where you stand!
Ian Keightley

It's a great feeling Knowing Where You Stand!

Closing a Sale or Securing a Listing; once the decision is made you know where you stand!

Get clarity by bringing the discussion to a conclusion by asking three questions:

"Can I ask you three personal questions?

1. So you are committed to selling?

2. You agree the Marketing Campaign is a wise move?

3. So can I ask, would you be happy working with me?" 

I guarantee you will know where you stand.

If it's a NO, then release and say "NEXT"

If it's a YES, go to WORK!

 Have a happy and awesome week, increasing your resolve, adopting a "useful change" or repeating successful strategies and loving your work.