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Hi and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 21st May 2012


Quote for the week

"Certainty is the art of KNOWING what happens next"

Ian Keightley

Over recent weeks I have called so many Auctions and it confirms again and again that the seller (your client) is the one who decides if it sells.

When you get an offer there is so much credibility to be gained by telling your client it is their decision if their property sells!

They are in control of the SOLD OR HOLD decision.

So many auctions in recent days have seen 25 -100 attendees, 1 - 5 bidders and in most cases the auction action stops below the sellers expectations.

Yes the agents had provided feedback, but on Auction day or the opening of Tenders the market speaks.

This is the sellers opportunity to see reality!

In many cases it disagrees with the poorly headlined press!

The seller needs two considerations here:

The courtesy of time to make a decision to sell or hold.  

The reality of: Is the property worth more to them than the market?

It is the same with any offer!

Time to make an informed decison.

Give them the facts! Give them the options. Sell it or keep it?

Let them decide.

Remember the value of certainty!

Have a wonderful week  - be generous with your smiles and time. 

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