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Hi [NAME] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 28th May 2012


Quote for the week

"You have to be it before you are it!"

Ian Keightley

Over recent weeks I have heard many motivators and speakers giving their wise words on self-improvement and urging their subjects to work smarter, commit to more production and to set new BIG GOALS, AIM HIGH and JUST GO FOR IT!

And until you get there "JUST FAKE IT, UNTIL YOU MAKE IT!"

It got me thinking, "Why would I fake it?"

Was this a genuine urge by this speaker to fake things?

Was it just meant to be a "throw-away" funny line?"

Were we really meant to follow this guiding light of "Faking it?"

Imagine setting a goal of winning the Olympic 100 metre sprint and faking it until you got to the starting line? No, no! You would need to be already fast enough before you got to that starting line.  Yes you need to be it before you are it!

Perhaps the speakers meant for you to believe in your goals, be as though you already had achieved them, produce and achieve as you intend. Surely this is simply being it, not faking it!

Modelling on a champion performer is not faking either. It is being it!

Surely they weren't talking about creating new outomes with the power of your subconcious mind.  That takes faith and to try and align that with faking is simply not tenable. Having faith in your ability to achieve is not faking it. Doing as you need to do is not faking it. 

Pretending you are something/somebody that you are not, not doing what is genuinely/ethically required is simply faking it. Be careful too, as you may never know when to turn the faking off.

Have a simply awesome week being the person, partner, parent, friend, producer etc you really want to be. Then you will be!

Have a wonderful week  - be generous with your smiles and time.


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