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Hi  and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 1st October 2012

Quote for the week

"When you try too hard for a listing you will miss it. Present an honest pitch and release your clients to make the right decision - it's yours!"

Ian Keightley



We have two markets in New Zealand right now.

The "Ring of FIre" in inner Auckland and the good parts of Christchurch.

Here, listings are tight and sales too fast!

Other markets have "STUCK LISTINGS" that need a reality check!

In both markets "WOW FACTOR" listings sell fast and if only we could get more


My rule is simple. Don't let colleagues with no listings and buyers who want to avoid competition set the rules. My principle of launch to all the buyers at the same time rings true.

So follow this rule at all times:

List the property

Market the property

List another property

Now you can sell the first Listing!

That way you never become a "Secret Agent." And in this market there are too many agents with NO NEW LISTINGS!

Don't run the risk of being in that group. Follow the rules and it's easy.

Have an awesome week. 


 Get your Training necessities sorted NOW!:


The year end looms and you will want to make sure of 3 things:

1. "My Verifiable 10 Hours are done."

2. "My Non-Verifiable 10 hours are done."

3. I know what's coming next in real estate. This is absolutely vital for you in 2013!

I am on a mission to help!

To help out with questions 2 and 3 I am doing a final tour of NZ for 2012 with Three Hours Non-Verifiable Training.

Use this to make up your hours or simply join in to be Motivated, informed and ready to end your year on a high! Only $89 each including GST.

Yes get the latest tips on Prospecting, Listing, Marketing, Closing the Sale and hear what's coming NEXT! Yes get ready for the coming changes!

Dates and Towns so far are:

Session 1: Whangarei Tues 16th Oct.

Session 2: Auckland Wed 17th Oct

Session 3: Tauranga Thurs 18th Oct.

Session 4: New Plymouth Tues 23rd Oct

Session 5: Palmerston North Wed 24th Oct

Session 6: Napier Thurs 25th Oct

Session 7: Gisborne Fri 26th October

Session 8: Wellington Wed 31st October

Session 9: Christchurch Thurs 1st November

Limited spaces so book now. Visit www.salescoach.co.nz and select REGISTER FOR COURSES and book on-line.

Any questions please give me a call. Need a session in your town? We can help.


Two sessions of 5 hours in Auckland. These are your last opportunity for 2012 if you have not yet got this completed. $149+gst includes both sessions.

Session 1: Topics 1 - 4 Wednesday Nov 14th

Session 2: Topics 5 - 8 Wednesday Nov 28th