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Hi   and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 26th November 2012

Quote for the week

"Endeavour from the heart always pays. Endeavour solely for your pocket will always catch you out one day"



Once again the media talks up the Auckland market. Yes there are some wonderful sales and some sellers rejoice.

However it is not consistent and too much media hype has too many sellers, and now some real estate licensees buying into the hype.

The media comments of recent days are not supported by what's really happening in the street every day. Not every house is selling!


Sure, some properties are selling for over 65% over their RV (gosh the news can't even get that right, as they still talk of GV) but others don't sell at all.

It is very much a house by house market.

I see an auction at 1pm with multiple bidders, sell way over reserve, then an auction at 2pm with no action at all. This weekend I have called 13 on site auctions with 10 sold under the hammer.


That's great,  but it aint a boom!

In some suburbs in the last 2 or 3 weeks we see an easing in buyer enthusiasm as licensees and sellers look to the golden goose. NO, no! Don't "BUY" your next listing!


Couple that with a shortage of listings in some areas, and some licensees, in their enthusiasm to win the business, are suggesting some unrealistic price possibilities.


Only to later find out they over-cooked the goose. Even more important is to realise this is not a national effect. It is very localised and licensees need to continue to deliver appropriate feedback to make sure their seller's marketing investment is not wasted.

So if you are facing a listings or sales shortage don't be tempted to over-cook the goose. The facts speak for themselves. Stick to reality and win in the long run!





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