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Hi  and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 21st January 2013

Quote for the week

"Make one thing about YOU better, and the future will be better!"

Ian Keightley


We have returned home, after over three weeks wandering NZ, seeing absolutely fabulous scenery, meeting tremendously friendly people and we all have a colourful set of memories. It is a celebration of all that New Zealand has to offer. Such beauty. We celebrated this together. We laugh, recall and wonder at what we saw. It makes us happy we spent that time and experience TOGETHER! Never will we forget!


In the last few days the phone has been busy with people who want to make that move to the next level. I love those calls!

However, so many of those calls were queries about how they answer their boss's question:

"What's your business plan for 2013.Yes so many are being asked these "business questions."

How many sales?

How many Listings?

How much money?"

After so many calls, I had some moments of reflection and thought, "What about the person?

This is the essence. Not the Business plan but the PERSON!"  

So my questions are very simple.

"What are you doing for you?

Your body?

Your soul?

Your Health?

Your Fitness?

Your relationship?

Your partner?

Your children?

Your family?

Your friends?

Your education?

Your peace of mind? 

What are you doing for someone you love?

How are YOU going to be better in 2013?"

That's the real question!

Have faith and fun in YOUR quest to be better!

Imagine being the best you can be and desire to be that person. Have a little faith and it can be, despite the cynics in your work environment.

This is going to be an awesome year for those with a little courage and imagination. Join us on that journey, it will be fun! 


Have an awesome week being the best you can be!

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