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Hi  and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 22nd September 2014

Quote for the week:

"A special day is worthy of a special effort. One of the smiles on your face on Christmas Day is because you KNOW YOU DID IT!"

Ian Keightley


It is three months until that special day - Christmas Day.
What a great time to set a 90 dayplan in action so it's Turkey for Christmas, not mince! I love working on long term plan that is achieved by setting short term goals that deliver  steps of the big plan.
Now though is a great time to add more spice to your "Spring Market" by setting some goals for Christmas.
Special gift for a loved one?
Family time.
New car. New house.
Spoil your parents or a loved one.
Surprise someone.
Pay off a debt.
Have a "paid for" Christmas.
So what works for you?
Now go for it - it's only a 90 day commitment and it might set some new habits in place too.
Have a truly awesome week because you make it so.