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Hi  and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 13th October 2014

Quote for the week:

"All the effort is a lot more effective if you apply real expertise at the same time"

Ian Keightley


Want to make a difference to your results?
Want more listings, more marketing and more sales?
Maybe you think you have done enough training, are doing the hours and the results still aren't coming?
Well it's reality time!
You are either not doing as many hours as you would like to think you are, or the training isn't effective (You didn't actually learn or adopt much of it).
So, if you can assure yourself you are making the effort and doing the hours, only one thing remains to be sorted.
If you are going to put in the hours this week, make the calls, make the presentations and negotiate those deals, the REAL EXPERTISE will make a huge difference.
So don't ignore developing your skill base.
Become an expert at another new thing this week.
So what do you need to learn to do better?
Now go and find it and implement it!

Have a truly awesome week because you make it so.