Salescoach provides a range of specialist services to help you make more sales. With 25 years in the real estate industry Salescoach has a huge knowledge and skill base to help you grow your sales, whether you are a salesperson or the business owner.

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Delivery Info

New Zealand deliveries: every attempt is made to deliver the product within 14 days of payment.

International deliveries: every attempt is made to deliver the product within 21 days of payment and any variations to this will be communicated to the purchaser by the seller 

Goods are dispatched to the purchaser once confirmation of payment is obtained. The seller will make every attempt to dispatch the order within 48 hours or advise an alternative delivery time if stock is unavailable. Purchasers can expect that in most cases stocks are replenished and dispatch made within 14 days of an order . The seller reserves the right to dispatch the buyer's order in one delivery or by installments. Failure to deliver any installment shall not entitle the buyer to repudiate the contract as to any installments already delivered. Any quotations of delivery times by the seller are made in good faith but are estimates and the seller shall not be bound by such quotation.
The buyer shall pay the cost of delivery from the point of dispatch of the goods by the seller.