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Ian Keightley keeping it real simple, inspiring and motivational. 

My team always benefit from a visit from Ian , he trains people in the basics of real estate which inspires them to be more pro active
Keep up the good work Ian you are a legend 
Bronwyn Kay - Gisborne

"Well presented. Never boring. Always informative and entertaining."

J Gribble

"Excellent speaker. Good material. Well worth the long trip. Sharpened skills."

L Campbell

"Ian, with 20 years experience in the industry you have opened my mind again and filled in many of the holes (bad habits) I've developed."

P Hartley

"I recently had Ian take a days training for me and my team. This was a great experience. Ian's energy and his skill in teaching proved to be well worth it - he brought his experience in the business alive and was extremely relevant for the current market climate. His focus on auctions was great and the practical exercises re running of an auction was a fantastic way to focus on the "theatre" aspect. His teaching style was both entertaining but also upbeat and straight to the point. As a result my team has recently listed 6 auctions. I can recommend him wholeheartedly"

Tariq Kundan,

"During the years we have worked together Ian has been a wonderful ally and contributed enormously to our organisation. Ian Keightley is a gentleman. He has a keen mind, great teaching skills and absolute integrity in everything that he does."

S Collins

"Presented in an articulate and humorous way, your session held our attention and challenged our thinking. By the conclusion, our team were clearly revitalised and ready to put into practice what they learned. Thanks Ian, we will be back for more!!"

K McKay

"Best financial year of my life - came feeling lost, left feeling there was a pathway to begin on....

T Whitehead

"Excellent content, fantastic personality, and I honestly would have paid three times the fee for the growth and knowledge I have gained over the last 3 days."

C Tahuri

"Very inspiring - skills for life, not just your business. Thanks Ian."

T Thompson

"Thanks Ian.Yesterdays training session was a great shot in the arm for our entire sales team.They came back to the office refreshed, revitalised and enthusiastic with fresh ideas to apply to today's market. Your relaxed, but very professional delivery style caught everyones attention, and I am confident that we will see a real lift in individual and collective performance, especially in the area of securing correctly priced and well managed listings that will sell. We will definitely be calling on you and "Salescoach" again"

O. Norrish

"Thank you for the course and the resources that you provided. It was great to be able to have some tools in the box for this market.

I had an appraisal the next morning so I had the opportunity to put them into practice resulting in me listing an auction with 1% VMI. I found the scripts, the insidghts and the diagrams incredibly useful and they worked. Thank you!"

V. Meneses

"I have learnt so much. I am more aware and certainly more confident - I will use this in my business."

T Stott

"Ian, thanks for opening my eyes & making me realise the reasons behind what I have previously been taught."

A Teague

"Mind blowing - absolutely mind blowing! Would recommend any office to make it a prequisite before taking on a new salesperson."

J Law

"Three days is not long enough!! The content was excellent. The delivery superb and the presenter - well the course wouldn't have been as successful for me without Ian. His style of presentation was fantastic."

C Freebairn

"The knowledge I learnt from this course is absolutely invaluable. It will make a huge difference to my service & my business. Ian, thank you so much."

K Van der Gulik

"Saved hours of wondering what and how I should be doing things. I now know and have clear direction of what I am to do."

S Taylor

"Ian is a great trainer/mentor for skills and techniques that we should all know but need confidence to do."

A Thrupp

"Explosive energy -gives information with humour & seriousness. Includes all participants in the  various teaching/learning methods used."

M Rolfe-Smith

"Amazing energy. Kept me interested for the whole 3 days. I've learnt loads that I can't wait to go home and implement."

P Dyet

Great advice & insights into this industry. Plenty of opportunity to not only listen but to interact & practice. Heaps of new ideas and enthusiasm-Thankyou."

H Owen

"Your interactive learning techniques were very good - they will ensure everything we have learnt will stick and be remembered."

L Teat

"A fantastic learning experience. Ian has supplied the tools for success and I'm raring to go. I have a heap more confidence in my ability to -go do it."

D Broughton

"Outstanding motivator and trainer. Very gifted man, both spiritually and professionally."


"Enjoyed the session last Friday. You are one of the best presenters and speakers operating today. Of that there is no question."

S Mahoney

Thank you for the excellent training day last week. You have a wonderful ability to convey the important stuff in simple, effective practical language the sales people can use. I am most grateful.

R Beale

"As I have been in the business for only 1 year I found your training was straight to the point and overwhelming compared to others I have attended. In a short time I learnt a lot from you regarding approach and definitely success."

K Young

"A bouquet to you and your Team. Thanks for a great 3 days. We learnt heaps and are making changes to the way we do things. Yesterday I secured a listing from a challenging vendor, who was adamant about no vendor paid advertising or a sign. Using your strategies I secured everything necessary. Thanks to you I now have the tools to bring the business to the next level."

J. Orr

"List, Market, List Again, Sell. The most valuable information anyone has given me so far! I have found what you taught me on your 3 day course to be invaluable. It is quite amazing how easily replies to objections come out of your mouth once you know the answers."

K. Hopkins

"Thanks for the tip....what can I say....was it inspiring, no, it was more than that....It hit the nail on the head, no it was more than that if possible....Like I said what can I say it was GREAT!!!"

K McGrath

"Thanks so much for being a great teacher & for making the past 3 days training so enjoyable, relaxed and fun. I look forward to selling many houses using the many techniques you've taught."

J. Arudson

"Ian gives the incentive to succeed, the knowledge to attempt success and the greed for further training to reinforce this."

R. Buchanan

"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative seminar. As a new salesperson the product knowledge and presentation have encouraged me to aim high and believe in myself......WATCH THIS SPACE."

J. Hardie

"Was unaware of direction for success in this amazing business. Thanks for energy enthusiasm & knowledge."

D. Smith

"We were led by Ian through a journey to have clarity and direction for our business with goals and outcomes."

L. Newson