Create a sales success culture for yourself or your team & maintain your Professional Education Requirements

From 2012 all New Zealand Real Estate Licensees need to complete Continuing Education Requirements to be able to renew their license the following year. There are two parts to these requirements and both parts must be completed before re-licensing:

  1. Ten Hours of Verifiable Education: This is education in relation to complying with the Act, Regulations and Rules. This can only be delivered by an Approved Provider
  2. Ten Hours of Non Verifiable Education. This includes conferences, in-house training, personal professional development and other industry based training.

Set new performance targets and equip your sales team with new tools

Ian Keightley is an awesome presenter and facilitator who possesses the ability to motivate, inspire and teach your team the success sales tools.

Ian can provide your sales team with awesome sales tools to help them achieve more sales. In a fun and interactive way Ian helps your team unfold their own success strategies.
What do you want to achieve?
What do you have to do to achieve that goal? Let's get really specific - exactly what?
How do you do that? Let's get really specific - exactly how?
Now let's make sure nothing is in the way of achieving the goal.
Ian won't leave your team wondering. He will work with you to  build a pathway, a success channel  that  means your team know what to do, how to do it, AND WILL DO IT.   

Time Management and Business Planning

In all sales arenas - effective tools, strategies, scripts and dialogues that help your team;

  • Set personal and sales/business goals to drive their motivation
  • Know the key tasks required and the skill sto deliver them superbly
  • How to manage your time and be accountable for your activity
  • Identify your most dollar productive activities -
  • Develop excellence in these and allocate your time and focus on these key tasks.
  • Know their target market and how to interact with them
  • Prospecting and the Power of referrals and networking
  • Understand customer wants and needs
  • Know the features and benefits of your products/services
  • Know the questions to ask
  • Closing and Negotiating Strategies
  • Courses designed to meet your specific needs              

Full training and coaching services are available for you and at your office.

  • Topics covered in ALL Sales areas, not just real estate:
  • Auction listing, managing and making sure it sells.
  • Prospecting strategies and dialogues
  • Listing Presentation
  • Closing and Negotiating

Motivational and Conference Speaking; Ian has his own style – fun, motivational, practical, and full of his spirit.  Want an hour or two of fun and inspiration that your people can use immediately, put Ian in front of your people. No crowd too big or two small. Ian is a class act delivering practical and easy to use success tips in a way that learning is enhanced. 

Our training and facilitation fees:

  • Conference Speaking from $3000 + gst etc
  • Training and Facilitation from $3000 + gst etc per day and $1750 + gst etc per half day (See below)
  • Manual Writing on a contract basis.


  • We are based in Nelson. Travel and Accommodation costs are additional.
  • Travel costs can include airfares, taxis, vehicle usage - 
  • 25% on booking confirmation waiverable at option of Salescoach Ltd
  • Balance payable on the day. Cheque, credit card or Direct Credit.
  • Overseas clients must direct credit full fee or provide Credit card details for clearance before we leave NZ. Payment is not processed until completion of presentation.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex.



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