Had lunch with a great friend on Friday and our discussions came back to the keys of his success. It’s a couple of years since we caught up, however in his mind nothing has changed

It was delightful to share time with an old friend who still has a real sparkle in his eyes, tons of energy and a ready smile. We talked about the changes in real estate and how we have had to adopt technology to keep up with systems, internet, email etc. 

We talked too of how we succeeded in the 1980's with no mobile phone, no computer and only "snail mail."

We both burst out at the same time: "Remember how we spent all day walking around, shaking hands and talking with people. You know, really talking with people?"

We both looked for a moment and said: "That's what we still do and yet so many sit at their desks tapping keyboards."

My friend then said:

"I continue to earn several hundreds of thousands of dollars every year using this simple strategy; How many people can I talk with, shake hands with, share a smile with every day? 

 My goal is 10 minimum a day, 5 days a week. Doesn't matter who or where. I have found that people like nice people. So that's all I do - be nice, smile and shake their hands. Funny how the business comes and comes

Looking for New listings? New Buyers? New Advocates? Bigger Network? Get out of the office and go talk WITH real people.

It’s not about the listing or sale you make today – it’s all about the pipeline full of future business.

The market rewards those agents who keep their client relationships strong!       

Have a truly awesome week because you make it so.

Posted: Tuesday 12 June 2018

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