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Hi %FIELD:1% and welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip from Salescoach.


This selling business need not be so serious

When learn to relax and read people you can often have fun whilst selling - it need not be so serious - relax and it will show.

I was helping in an open house a few weeks ago and a prospect walked in and said, "You don't need my details, I'm one of their neighbours."

I just knew she would be back with all the questions every buyer has at an open home, and sure enough she was back and asked,

"Why are they selling?"

And I just couldn't resist, "The neighbours!" I replied.

The lesson could be: Relax, it shows on your face.
                                  Don't be so serious - they might talk with you
                                  It's okay to have fun while working.

Quote for the week: 

"Humour is also a way of saying something serious"
T S Eliot 1888 - 1965



Well %FIELD:1% have an awesome week....Have fun and make money



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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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