The Choices we make

Quote for the week 

"Our response to any exterior event, determines what happens next to US!"."

Ian Keightley

There are often external events that happen to us - someone lists their house with another agent, someone bangs into the back of our car, a deal falls over, someone abuses us, someone doesn't turn up for their appointment and so on. 

I'll bet you have your own favourite one.

It's all too easy to react negatively, angrily, pointing fingers, blaming others and having a grumpy few hours, days or even longer.

However, your reaction is your choice! And the reaction you choose always has consequences. Good? Bad? Who knows?

A negative and angry reaction is a waste of energy, a waste of focus and an indication of your true character. Do you really like that person who is reacting like that? Hope it’s not you?

The more you dwell in anger, annoyance and frustration, the more of that you will attract back to you. 

Grasp the concept of responding rather than reacting!

Notice the event then deal with it.

"That was interesting! 

Interesting choice THEY made! 

"I am free to do the next deal!"

"This is part of what I do in this job and that's one of those moments out of the way now! Now the good ones are next!"

One of my favourites is to raise my hands high above my head and say out loud, "NEXT!" and let that event go.

Robyn Banks has a great one. "HOW FASCINATING"

You see, what happens next to us is created by our response.

Deal with it by recognizing it, giving it a name or acknowledgement – put it away and MOVE ON!

Change your  state, change your mood, renew your energy, restore your focus and know your strength of character allows you to prosper whilst others dwell in their self-created negativity and self-pity. Yes don’t be caught drinking through the straw from the pity pool.

The next true test, is allowing yourself to help someone else escape the same trap. That takes courage sometimes, but is a sign of your sense of humanity. Stop reacting, respond and move on and yet maintain time in your day, space in your heart, for someone who might need a little help today.  


best regards    


Posted: Tuesday 1 September 2020

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