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Hi %FIELD:1% and welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip Monday February 5th 2007.


I am writing this whilst in Perth for a few days and whilst the weather is hot (40C) and the sky clouded with smoke, the real estate business is in good heart and the same rules apply. Be great at the basics, apply the basics often, to many people and results always come. The median price of just over $500,000 reflects the boom market Perth has enjoyed for a few years.


This week go searching for new business from old business. Yes an old one but a goodie. 


Looking for more business. Rather than talking to strangers go looking for leads from old business contacts and your advocates. This week search your database/diary etc for a minimum of 10 contacts and go meet them all face to face this week. Get on the phone and set up a time for a coffee, breakfast, lunch, wine or a time to just pop in and say hi. When they ask (they always do) tell them business has been great and you've nearly sold all your stock. Then, "Oh by the way, that reminds me. I'm looking for more business - so would you know of someone who could be making a move?"


Make this a weekly activity and watch your business boom. 

Quote for the week:

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." George Bernard Shaw

Well %FIELD:1% have an awesome week....Have fun and make money

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Christchurch March 5-6-7 Auckland March 12-13-14 & Rotorua March 20-21-22

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