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Hi %FIELD:1% and welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip Monday February 12th 2007.


Buyer Objections are hints they want to negotiate

Buyers who are not interested will dismiss the property or product by saying things like; "just looking, not interested, not for me, not what I’m looking for, not what I thought,…" etc. These are still buyers – sell them something else!

The buyer who is interested may find 1-2-3 things they want to use as negotiating points.
E.g; "It’s too expensive. It’s too small, I don’t like the colour, I can’t afford it, I don’t have the deposit, etc". These are buyers for this property/product. Each of these objections has a sales bounce. 
"How much too expensive? What colour would you like"… etc. How many more can you and your colleagues come up with? 

Often buyers will find a fault to justify the lower offer they intend making or to see if you are prepared to take any offer. These need countering quickly otherwise your negotiations may take longer than necessary. Your reasoning is that the vendor is aware of the shortcomings as they live there – they see it every day. 

A typical buyer price busters are…"The carpets a bit worn…the garage is too small…the kitchen is dated…there’s a lot of road noise…it’s too far from town, there’s no xxxx…" etc

Your answer could be; "The vendor is aware of that and it’s been priced accordingly."
Try this sometime and watch the response. Remember that buyers are not looking as a hobby – they will buy something! 


Quote for the week:

"In giving advice, seek to help, not please your friend"
Solon (638BC – 559BC)



Well %FIELD:1% have an awesome week....Have fun and make money

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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