Your colleagues aren?t listing with you.

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Your colleagues aren’t listing with you.

So why are you in the office? Have you got too many listings, is that it?

Yes your colleagues won’t buy off you, or list with you.

So get out of the office this week and see how many people you can talk with face to face. Carry a photocopy of a contract and look successful. Stop and chat with everyone you remotely know. Even stop and chat to a few people you don’t know. At the pedestrian crossing lights, in the supermarket queue, petrol station queue, school car park etc.

Smile – look happy – look successful – look like someone they would want to list with!

“How’s business?” they ask. “Great!” you reply, “In fact I’ve been so busy I am looking for more houses to sell. That reminds me. Would you know of someone thinking of making a move?”

Now go out and ask 100 people this week. I guarantee you get leads.


Quote for the week:

“What is to give light must endure burning”
Viktor Frankl


Well %FIELD:1% have an awesome week....Have fun and make money

PS. Our first round of 3 day Real Estate Performance Academy courses for 2007 end this week with a fully booked seminar in Rotorua. We will soon announce dates for the next one (probably June or July) which will also most likely be in Rotorua. This is always our most popular venue so if you have an interest in attending let us know and we’ll contact you before any marketing starts.

Details of our one day series will be announced very soon. Watch for details.

Courses on Databasing with Outlook, Negotiating, Winning the Listing, Collecting Vendor Marketing Investments and Making sure Your Listing Sells. Call Jacqui on 09 524 0302, 021 894 940 or to indicate your interest and go on our First To Know list.



Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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