Slower markets requires faster action

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Don't you just love it - the media has front page news of a slowing market based on sales activity of two-three months ago. The media quotes all the excuses given by economists and politicians. One realtor blamed slow sales on the Rugby World Cup. Hardly credible when these statitstics are based on activity before the competition started.

However, the true professionals understand that their success is based on what they believe, what they do, not some reporter writing what someone else tells them to say. The strong, the committed and the positive simply take action.

Great realtors are seeing strong buyer activity again for those properties that are well marketed and well presented. Indeed, just yesterday I called an auction in Central Auckland that sold under the hammer for $2 000 000, to a new buyer who arrived on the scene at the last minute. So there are buyers around.


To move your new listings in this market you have to hit the market early with:

A sales deadline to make buyers take action - not wait for later seller reductions

A strong marketing campaign on the day you launch the property to the market

Launch to all the market on the same day - no preferential treatment to any existing buyers. If there is any competition to be found for the property let's find it.

Realistic and up-front buyer feedback immediately you get it.  Especially if you know the seller won't like it.

Tell your sellers, that yes the buyers are referring to the media comments, but you are "...fighting that for them. Despite that, the feedback is ..."


Don't wait for action. Create action. Which current seller of yours needs a visit with ample market evidence and some decisions on price expectations and marketing levels? Having identified them, do it this week. 

We are proud and pleased to announce the addition of a new coach - mentor - trainer - associate to the Salescoach team. This week we are joined by Madeline Robinson  Dip. Bus. Studies (Massey), AREINZ.

Madeline has had a very meritorious career in real estate from being in the National Top 20 for Harcourts and a Harcourts National Trainer. Her training and practical real estate skills are absolutely awesome and Madeline is available to all Salescoach clients. 

Madeline can be contacted on 0274 999 004 or e-mail;  

Quote for the Week

"It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny"

Jean Nidetch  

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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