Evidence defeats disbelief

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When the evidence is credible and stacks up - it defeats disbelief

Over the last few weeks we have called a huge number of auctions and great success is still being achieved where the seller has seen the real evidence. Just today I called an auction with over 60 people attending and 6 active bidders. This is the best of all things in an auction - big crowd and multiple bidders. Any seller would be rapt to get such a response - in fact there were so many people we had to call the auction outside in the rain!

What the seller saw was serious bidding and it stopped where the market was. Until this happened the seller was still anticipating a figure that all the sales evidence DID NOT support. But when 6 bidders had all stopped below his expectations he saw very credible evidence.  The seller placed the property on the market and two more small bids saw it sell under the hammer. The market had clearly spoken.

In recent weeks I have seen most sellers still looking 5% to 10% above reality. Make sure you collect the evidence and ENSURE your seller sees the market for what it is.

On the other hand we had another auction today that had 2 bidders - seller placed it on the market well below their reserve and gained another $40 000 -  yes a premium on their reserve.

There is action in the real estate market - market well and you will always have interest. Whether you achieve a sale depends on how you handle the evidence.  

 Quote for the Week

"Evidence defeats disbelief"

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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