Buyers are Precious

Hi [name] and welcome to your Weekly Salestip for [date]

Buyers are precious in a tougher market

We are seeing properties sit a little longer as buyers pause and reflect on their commitments.

It's time to make sure we track ALL buyers and stay close to them as they await new choices and sellers price adjustments.

Some things you might consider are:

1 Keep setting sales deadlines with auctions and tenders. Even if there is no immediate result you can identify the best buyers and educate your sellers.

2 Make sure you track all your buyers and e-mail them all weekly with the best new listings, price adjustments and auction/tender closing dates.

3 Get radical - you may need to put a buyer in your car!!!

4 Pull old offers out of the drawer and see if there is room to move NOW.

5 Keep updating your sellers and buyers with the latest sales data. There is still activity. Plenty of it!

6 Make sure your buyers know there is still sales activity - the market hasn't stoppped. The best deals are sold the fastest so make sure they want you to stay in touch.When a great opportunity comes up make sure your buyers know they need to ACT promptly.

7 Ask your buyers for their "educated feedback" as your sellers want to know where they need to be looking to achieve a sale, or where their reserve needs to be to get it sold on the day.

8 If you are ringing your sellers every day, add your best buyers to your daily call list TOO!

9 How many buyer revisits can you arrange this week having changed your sellers price expectations?

10 Asking price should not determine who you show - value should. Stop protecting the asking price, look at likely real value and bring the buyers through.

Quote for the Week

"While we stop to think, we often miss our opportunity"

Publilius Syrus 100BC


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Well [name]

have an awesome week - have fun and make money

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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