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Success stories can provide great inspiration.

Just a few weeks ago, Malcolm, the owner of a very successful real estate office, called in to discuss his concerns about his business.

Malcolm has experienced great success over the last few years and his business had almost run itself. In recent weeks his sales income was down 40% and whilst that also concerned Malcolm at a personal level, he was more concerned about his sales people. Like me, Malcolm has been in real estate nearly 30 years and we have experienced all sorts of markets. Malcolm had a team where over half of the sales people had less than 5 years experience. Some new skills and attitudes were needed.

There was negative talk and grumbling in the office and Malcolm wanted to both motivate and up-skill his team. We discussed the influence of negative people, negative teams, negative environments on any new training. It would mostly be wasted.

So we built a library of success stories; from Columbus to Hillary, from Edison to Blake, from Lomu to the marathon runners out of Africa. We identified their values and visions. We then made a book of recent successes in the office. Sellers who would never take less, buyers who would never pay more, and failed offers that have been resurrected a week or two later and sellers who would never pay for marketing or reduce their price. There were so many success stories that had grown out of a NO or a refusal in the beginning. Using these inspirations, we taught new skills, strategies, scripts and dialogues. The team is committed to using them - the results are already apparent.

What success stories has your team, you colleagues got to share. Build a SUCCESS LIBRARY and when you need inspiration or motivation - visit the successes and avoid the failures.

Quote of the Week

"Obsession will not help you in the search for your goal, and will end up spoiling the pleasure of the climb. On the other hand, don't keep repeating "It's harder than I thought," because that will sap your inner strength".

Paul Coelho in Like the Flowing River


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Have fun and make money

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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