What's important?

Hi [name] and welcome to you Weekly Sales Tip from Salescoach for [date]

So what is really important to you this week?

When you know what is most important for you to do or achieve each day or week it helps your focus. When you do or achieve those things the sense of satisfaction is enormous. Your energy levels take a leap, your attitude is postive, your face has a smile, and you just want to do more.

Likewise, when you don't do or achieve those things there's the risk of experiencing negative feelings such as stress, frustration, negativity and even anger. This is not a well chosen pathway.

Worse still there are some people who don't know what is important and they just drift.

Now we know who to avoid - stay away from these people as they will waste your time and steal your energy. Let's make positive use of our decision.

What's really important to you this week?

Seeing the children happily back to school?

Starting that diet or fitness programme?

Committing to a new work regime for your prospecting?

Winning that listing?

Closing that sale?

Committing to more training?

Making peace with a missing friend?

Opening a new door?

Correcting that mistake?

Take a moment and assess what is most important to you this week and committ to doing it.

The results will provide further inspiration for your future success.

Quote for the week:

"The most important thing is to know what is the most important thing."

Michael Henderson in "Finding True North"

Have a truly awesome week and don't forget to check out our training courses at http://www.salescoach.co.nz. Click HERE to view our web site.

Have fun, make money and friends


Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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