Tackle the Challenges this Week

Hi [name ] and welcome to your Weekly Salestip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for [date]

When things are not going as you would like maybe it's time to tackle those challenges.

Here's a neat little story, that shows how the things you maybe putting off doing, and resisting doing, because you have fear it may not work, might be costing you sales and income.

About 6 months ago Marilyn came to see me. She had been in real estate about 2 years and had done very well. But when the market turned in her town she came to a bit of a halt. Sure she had listings, but on investigation we quickly found out that:

1 They were all over-priced

2 There was no seller marketing investment, and

3 Marilyn had not sat with her sellers and reviewed the facts.

All things so many salespeople resist.

Marilyn took a while to accept that her resistance to doing these 3 things was costing her sales, and her sellers time. Like most salespeople Marilyn knew what probably needed to be done and like many others she resisted these tactics as she thought they may risk her getting the listing or the sellers might cancel their listing.

We worked with Marilyn to convert this fear into just telling the truth. Marilyn could easily accept that telling the truth was an easy option. With some coaching and a few new tools Marilyn went out with a plan and her results in a tough market are now oustanding.

No matter what you sell, is there a product servce or strategy that you have resisted? Is it costing you sales?

Is it time to give it a go? In tougher markets we need courage - courage to apply real sales skills, backed with intense prospecting activity.

This week, grab something NEW, or an OLD strategy you've stopped using, and apply it! Watch the results!.

Quote for the Week

 "Good people strengthen themselves ceaselessly"


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Well [name] have wonderful week

Have fun, make money and friends

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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