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Sometimes the Sales just aren't happening

I was sharing some time with Bill lately and he was looking for a success tip to help him make more sales. Many sales people ask for a fast way to make a sale or the latest unique sales technique. Most times though that isn't the answer.

Bill's demeanour was one that lacked spark, lacked energy and possessed no positive vibes at all. In fact after about 30 minutes I had to ask him, "Would he list his house with him/or buy off him?"

Bill sat up and reflected on his attitude and lack of positivity and admitted that his current attitude and negative approach was most likely the reason that sales/listings were eluding him. His glass was half empty, not half full. We now had Bill's attention.

Bill had some issues outside work that were stressing him and dominating his thoughts. In fact when he was supposed to be at work he was not - he was focusing on what was stressing him. His stress was amplified by his lack of sales success - a stress spiral because neither issue was being fixed.

We now knew what was in the way!

Bill and I worked to find a way to tackle the issue. Bill agreed to take action on the problem that was dominating his thoughts so when he went to work he could be "at work".

He took a day off, sought help to resolve the issue (his was a health issue) and to gather the facts so he knew exactly what he was dealing with. Bill was able to discuss this with his doctor and partner, then with his manager. Bill got an agreement with his manager that every time his manager heard him being negative, his manager had Bill's permission to call him in and ask him why he was dwelling in the negative space again.

Bill also asked his colleagues to walk away if he started being negative or wasting their time with idle gossip and negative chat.

Bill is away again - and Bill's manager tells me that the whole team has learnt from Bill. They now all do what Bill asked and NOW we have a very positive, productive and happy office.

So when listings or sales aren't happening as you would like, is it the market, interest rates, the product, the boss, the brand or something YOU need to manage. The easiest one to fix is you, because ONLY YOU needs to be convinced. Such a powerful position to be in, don't you think?

Quote for the Week

"Self-love is not so vile a seed as self-neglect"

William Shakespeare

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Well [name], have a truly awesome week - have fun, make money and friends

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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