Make the toughest call first

Hi [name] and welcome to your Weekly Salestip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for [date]

Make the toughest call first

When planning your week it's sometimes tempting to look at what seems like the biggest challenge and put it off. Things like;

  • the toughest call,
  • the hardest account,
  • the stroppiest client,
  • the product or property that just isn't selling, 
  • fixing that mistake,
  • confessing to a bad decision,
  • retracting a comment or recommendation,
  • apologising
  • admitting to an error

No matter what else you try to do all week, that unresolved issue will still be there until you fix it. And it will rob your week of productive focus.

That being the case why not tackle it first. That way you only have to make that tough call in the first few hours, or day, of the week and the rest of the week will be a breeze.  

As you plan your week rank your tasks in order of difficulty and do the hardest one first.

The rest of the week will be FUN.

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well [name], have an awesome week

Have fun, make money and friends

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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