Trust your Intuition

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Sometimes you just need to Listen to Your Heart

Often when sales are slow and business is harder we find people a little stressed and looking for new ways to secure that next sale.

Yes there is commonsense and logic to bring to the fore - and then there's listening to your heart - intuition it's called.

Sometimes when there is a suggestion that you try a new tactic, new strategy, new approach, or work a little differently, a little voice can start  asking you if that feels right. Sometimes we still go ahead and try it anyway. When that happens you often just create more stress, because what you are doing just doesn' t feel right.

Follow your intuition - it will be a great guide supporting your integrity and helping you assess what you value most. That sale at any cost, or protect your intergrity as priceless?

Quote for the Week

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Have an awesome week [name]

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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