Focus on your Client's Motivation

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Your Client's Motivation is the key to Closing the sale

When the market is a little quieter and sales are harder to make it's time to accept that you can no longer just take the order. Great sales people look to solve a situation, remedy a client's problem or provide a solution that allows the client to move ahead. In tougher markets people no longer sell or buy just because it's a good idea. They make a move because of a specific reason - their motivation. Without knowing their prime motivation - key problem to solve - the major issue - you will have trouble providing a closing the sale solution.  

What is this client looking for? What's their reason for talking with me? In their position can I provide a solution? When it costs more (interest rates) and/or sells for less (Buyers Market) the client has to justify the move. Only their motivation takes care of the "cost".

No client motivation probably means NO SALE. Reminds me of the TV commercial for 30 seconds mould and moss spray - "Look, I walk away!"

Check your client list and assess motivation again - focus on the motivated!

Now to keep your production on track. Two short weeks in a row - yes we had a few days of R & R to refresh and spend time with friends and family. Now to make the most of this week.  The time off has already been spent for this week. It's a week to demand dollar productive activity ALL the time. That's how you turn a short week into a great week.

Quote for the Week

"Don't be afraid to lose a battle to win a war. Keep focused on your goal. Rarely is one event the end of the process."

B Hyland & M Yost, in Reflections for Managers

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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