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Hello [name] and welcome to your Weekly Salestip from Ian Keightley and Salescoach for [date]

How much do you want it?

In the course of my business I meet many people who have dreams and aspirations to do something better or different. My question to them is "So what are you going to do about it" Wishes and dreams are not enough to achieve that dream - it also requires actions.

For me personally, I used my Summer break this year as a time to reflect on what I wanted to achieve for 2008. One of my decisions was to make more time for friends who may have been neglected due to my busy times. I made a decision to renew ties with these people. A very small thing to do and I have had many nice catch ups with those people in my life. Very rewarding for me and I hope for them!

I also had other goals which required a great deal more focus and absolute commitment. I wanted to increase my fitness level and reduce my weight. I focused, made a decision and committed to a plan of action. I am happy to report I am now well through the process and continuing with the commiment. The sense of accomplishment makes the effort very worthwhile. Now it is time to reach for something new!

What about you? What plan of action could you commit to this week which could make a difference to your life. It could be a business decision. Perhaps commit to making so many calls every day for the next month. It might be a personal goal. Maybe health and fitness may need addressing. Or it could be a family goal. You might decide that you will make a point of having a day for family only. No mobile phones on! No emails to be answered. Just pure fun with your loved ones. Sure business needs to continue as this is what funds your life, however balance is also important.

Take time to reflect and make a decision to improve just one thing and commit to it for a month. Once you achieve your goal you will feel exhilarated and have a hunger to move to the next level.

"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes..........but no plans"

Peter Drucker

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Have an awesome week [name].

have fun, make friends and money

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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