It ticks all your boxes, but one.

Hi [name] and welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for [date]

Don't let price get in the way. That's not always the issue.

When the market slows, buyers and sellers can take a pause and question their necessity to make a decision. We have been used to looking at price as the isssue when today the NEW VALUE and the client's MOTIVATIONS are far more important than the ASKING PRICE.

Buyers may hesitate to view a property/product above their stated budget and too often salespeople make decisons of the proerties/products they show, based on the asking price. The buyer has a motivation to purchase, to get their search over, to settle their family etc and the seller has a motiovation too - a problem to solve. The solution could be more important than the price.

In a more challenging market we need to look beyond the price - The property/product that may well solve your buyers problem will tick all their boxes but one. It won't tick the "asking price" box. How do you know it won't tick their "purchase price" box?

Look beyond their budget, look beyond the asking prices and say, " I am taking you to a property that ticks all your boxes, but one."

Quote for the week

"If the world should blow itself up, the last audible voice would be that of an expert saying it can't be done."
Peter Ustinov (1921 - 2004)
This week - tomorrow in fact - I am presenting a FULL day session on Working with a PA. and we could fit in a last registration or two.
Where - Barrycourt Hotel in Gladstone Rd, Parnell,Auckland
When - 9.30 am to 4.00 pm
Both attending, (That's consultant and THEIR PA) $299 (REINZ Members $249)
One attending: $249 (REINZ Members $199)
Ring 09 524 0302 to register.
Have an awesome week [name] and revist all those clients who have asked, looked and not yet decided.
The reason to make a decision, not make a decison, WILL change in your absence.


Have fun, make friends and money.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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