Know it is so before you believe it

Hi [name] and welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for Monday 28th April 2008

In these days of easy access to all the information, you have to be certain of your facts before opening your mouth.

The biggest change that technology has brought to the sales arena is that the service providor is no longer the source of all the facts. Buyers and sellers can today access all the information they want. From your brand's web site, to blogs, to consumer reports and comments, there is a wealth of freely available facts and information for consumers. So to add value to any transaction we need to know even more. That's our real value. Yes apart from our marketing and negotiation skills, we have to filter through this tsunami of information, and make sense of it for our clients. Only by doing (knowing) that, can we be of value and provide the professional solutions our clients expect.  

Now the real estate market has changed and we are seeing two very clear outcomes:

1    A great many sales people do not have the skills or tactics to handle this type of market. They are learning quickly though or they leave. 

2    More experienced salespeople are remembering what they did last time this happened 1998 -1999 and  putting the "old" strategies back into action. There is a risk here though. The consumer now knows a whole lot more than they did 9-10 years go. This means that whilst we might think we have the right tactics, we must ensure we possess all the facts and understand what has to now be done and WHY. So, simply trotting out all the old phrases and lines of 10 years ago is not a viable solution. You must understand the change in the way your clients access information, how the consumer now knows so much more. So before you offer a solution, know that what you are offering is the best for the client - know it is so. believe it is so. Otherwise why would you suggest it?

Quote for the Week

"We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge."

Rutherford D Rogers

In a market like this it's time to upskill and know how to handle both Vendors and Buyers in the new market environment. This is the 4th time I have seen this change and I can help you grow your market share with new skills and tactics. Registrations are coming in NOW for this great value 3 day Course.  If you want to bring your team talk to us early - special rates for 4 or more from the same office.

So [name] if you have never done my 3 Day Real Estate Performance Academy this could be the year to make that investment. This course has been adjusted to provide real success tools for this market. It is in Auckland July 21-23 and includes my huge 500 page manual (2nd edition). Register on-line @

Have fun, make friends and money

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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