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Hello [name] and welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for Monday 5th May 2008.

Well it would appear that the grip of winter is definitely upon us. At this time of year with the colder weather and wet days it can become difficult to maintain our enthusiasm and belief in the goals we have set for ourselves. All too often it is far simpler to avoid taking a look at ourselves and to place the blame in other directions. We often hear examples of this with comments such as: "Oh the Manager I work for isn't available to help me" or " The brand isn't providing the appropriate training for us."

Our answer to these comments are "You are in charge of your own destiny and only you can set the path towards the success you desire." Take the opportunity to upskill yourself and if you feel there is something different which could be included in the training offered by your Manager or Brand talk to them about it. They are not mind readers and often when the request is made they are all too happy to look at a way of assisting.

Here are a few tips for you to maintain your enthusiasm

  • Ask your Manager for help
  • Remember that course you attended?-Pull out the workbook and have another read
  • Borrow some audio CDs from your Manager and drive around with them in your car
  • Have a coffee with the top person in your Brand or office and ask them what they are doing
  • Plan each day to talk with at least 10 people.
  • and last but not least......
  • Have pride in where you work and what you do and take actions this week to maintain that pride. Many groups will be heading into that time of year where they hold their conference. Make sure you are part of it and embrace the opportunity to re-energise yourself. 

"Human Beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."

William James

Well [name] have a really cool week. Have fun, make money and friends AND A SALE!

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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