Be responsible for your reactions

Hi [name] and welcome to your Weekly Salestip for Monday May 12th 2008

When the going gets tough we may see some reactions or behaviours that are both surprising or disappointing. Let's accept that not everyone copes with pressure the same way.

From Buyers who make low offers, from sellers who show their frustration and stress at the low market feedback, low market activity or just no sale yet, or from colleagues whose stress levels are stretched through lack of positive results - we may witness or experience a reaction that is less than palatable.

In tough markets it is only natural that this will sometimes occur and whilst it may be embrarrassing or make you want to react, it pays to take a moment to reflect before responding.

A typical situtaion in his real estate market is when you have to provide a seller with buyer feedback or an offer that is a lot lower than the sellers expectations, or when you present a colleagues offer on your listing and they are hoping you close the deal for them as it's a while since they have made a sale.

Let's share one common element - we are all in the same market. We can't change that, but we can influence it a little. Our task in this market is to manage our focus and our own reactions as that is all we have control of. Maintaining that control is absolutely critical otherwise the stress and angst of others will shift your focus from what is really useful to you.

Maintaining a professional state and image is vital - more than just a positive attitude. Behaviour that is always acceptable is your goal.

So what is acceptable for you? What isn't acceptable for you? We are in a market where professonalism and courage are required, where positive input is requred, where honesty to sellers and buyers is required, where openness and honesty with colleagues is required more than ever.

So when you are feeling frustrated, stresssed or indecisive, take a moment and reflect before reacting. Talk with your manager, your best friend, your partner and be honest about how you are feeling. By reflecting and getting others opinions you make make a wiser decision  than the one you could make in a moment of frustration.

Pretending that nothing is wrong when in fact you are under stress, is the worst thing you can do. So take a moment and check your reactions are bringing you the results you will be proud of.

No matter how you feel one thing remains constant. No matter how the market is right now excellence at the basics is what is required.


Quote for the Week
"The truth may hurt briefly at the time but it will never come back to haunt you later like a lie will"


 Well [name] have a really cool week. Have fun, make money and friends AND A SALE!

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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