Flexibility is a tool for tougher times

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Flexibility maybe a tool for tougher times

Last week I was sharing some time with a very stressed salesperson who was reacting under pressure to the new market.

Like most top performers he understood the need to;

Stick to the course. Not waiver in pursuit of his goals.

Hold true to his values.

To do the basics superbly.

Not cut corners.

To maintain a skill edge over his competitors.

To focus on working with motivated sellers and buyers only!

However, he was yet to adjust to the reality that he needed to be flexible in regard to the following:

Not every prospect is a motivated prospect and therefore the time invested in some of them may be wasted.

This was causing a great deal of frustration. He needed to filter some prospects OUT!

There was a need for a sharper focus on QUALITY prospects rather than the QUANTITY of prospects. 

Then we got to the real stress maker. He was on a mission to achieve a certain income goal by a set date. The pressure was now building as that date approached and it was clear that the target date would be missed. We changed the target date. He is on course to achieve the target income about 90 days later than originally planned. It's still a substantial amount and it will be a notable achievement for him. He has removed the stress by changing the date. He will still get the money, it's just taking a little longer than originally planned.

The goal hasn't changed. Just the target date. What a change in stress levels. He can now focus on the job.

We need to be flexible in changing times. Sometimes we need to change our activity, our attitude, our focus and most of all our expectations. Just going faster and harder may not be the answer for you. Going "smarter" may be a better option!

Quote for the Week

"It is our choices...that show what we really are, far more than our abilities"

J. K . Rowling - Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets 1999  

Have a truly awesome week [name] and change something this week that creates the outcomes you want.

Have fun, make money and friends. 

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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