Winter Real Estate - it can be conquered.

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Winter Real Estate - it can be conquered! 

Over recent weeks we have had the pleasure of working with many motivated business owners, managers and sales people in the real estate business, who have embraced the market and tackled the challenges head on. Their response has been awesome and where individuals and teams have adopted the required activities and skills, with enthusiasm, we have seen some truly fabulous results. Having spent a lot of time helping these people focus on success strategies has helped me develop an analogy which fits well into the environment of the exciting change we are experiencing. It is a great way to help people see the need for new tactics and to accept that change is here.

 Just a few weeks ago I was flying to Christchurch and as we flew over Mount Taranaki (Egmont) it was a unique sight. Not a sign of any snow or ice. That's surely a rare sight. What was even more surprising is that the mountain looked very green, as through the long warm summer, grasses and plants grew higher and higher up the mountain. The mountain had record numbers make the summer ascent. Why? Because it was easy.

Real Estate has also enjoyed a long summer - in some areas the real estate summer lasted all year - two or three years in some locations. The market was a bit like the mountain. Easy to climb and so many gave it a go.

Now the summer is over - the Real Estate Winter is now here.

Flying over the same mountain on Saturday, the snow and ice reached half-way down the slopes. It struck me that the mountain is still the same height. However the numbers who will try to make the winter ascent will be a fraction of those who suceeded in the summer. In fact, most who try to climb the mountain in winter, without the right preparation, will get to the ice and snow and simply turn back, as many in real estate have already done.

If you are determined to climb the mountain in winter there are some clear and sensible steps to take before venturing onto the ice and snow. 

To make sure you succeed you would:

Seek the best advice from an experienced mountaineer. You would hear wisdom, you would hear experience, you would gain confidence. Who have you sought postive and wise advice from in recent weeks? Did you only hear what you wanted to hear or did you learn something to help you make a success decison? 

Equip yourself with new tools. You would need, crampons, carabeners, ropes, goggles, alpine clothing, ice axes, pitons etc. Have you checked your tool box and made sure you are fully equipped and to see if any of your tools need repairs or replacing?

Learn new skills. To climb the mountain with confidence you would want to make certain you could cut ice steps, work whilst roped to companions, make a snow cave etc. Then you would practice all these until you had that confidence required to succeed. Just take a moment and check that you have the right skills for this climb - if you have, then awesome, start climbing. If not, then start practising.  

Find like-minded climbers - companions with the same skill set and attitude. You wouldn't climb the mountain roped to someone who doesn't believe it's possible, who hasn't practiced with you or who doesn't have the right equipment. That would be just plain irresponsible.  When at work avoid the negative, avoid the unskilled, avoid those with no will to really climb in this market. Work with those who have the same determination and tools as you. In this market it may be worthwhile making sure you can help each other. As they say, climbing solo in winter is a dangerous plan.

Many people have their own mountain to climb and many in real estate have already decided that no matter what the season - what the type of market - they are determined to succeed. They have decided to equip themselves to make the ascent in winter. They are not waiting for the next "real estate spring". They have decided to take advice, get the right equipment, learn how to use it and make the climb anyway.

These are exciting times - there is a market that needs servicing and those who are best equipped, most skilled and determined anyway, will reach the top of the mountain. Let's get to the top of the mountain and wave the flag of success.  

    Quote for the week

"We knocked the bugger off"

Sir Edmund Hillary

Have an awesome week [name]

Have fun, make money and friends

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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