Challenging Markets, Challenge our thinking and choices

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Challenging Markets, Challenge our THINKING and CHOICES

One of the great inspirations of my travels is working with people who succeed despite what the market is supposed to be doing. For sales people in many different industries, and especially real estate and mortgage broking, there are some really interesting challenges.

Yet time and time again I have the delight of working with people who choose to tackle the new environment and ammend how they work.

Over the last few weeks I have worked with sales people in real estate who have either:

Embraced Auctions for the first time and are actually selling them under the hammer, or

Walked away from unsaleable vendors and found really motivated sellers to replace them, or

Embraced Vendor Marketing Investments, or

Adopted a Marketing Campaign Strategy for their new listings, or

Decided that Pro-active prospecting was part of their daily activity,

and a range of many other options as well.

These are all valid and effective strategies but they are only the result of them actually making the decision to do these things.

You see, I also see many other salespeople who are LAMENTERS - A Lamenter is someone who finds all the reasons why things aren't going well, who finds excuses for lack of performance, who actually expects things to be bad. This is a market that challenges our THINKING and when our thinking is challenged we need to be very conscious of the CHOICES we make.

Each of those really productive salespeople above also made choices. In discussion with them I found that they could have chosen to:






to listen to the bad news

to expect no sales

to read newspapers



This week enjoy the freedom to choose what you want to do - just like you do every week. Choose success activity and avoid Lamenters.

Quote for the Week

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

Henry David Thoreau

Well [name] have an awesome week.

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Have fun, make money and friends

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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