Watch out when the pressure builds - Respect informed opinions

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Watch out when the pressure builds - Respect informed opinions

Sometimes when the pressure goes on, we see people react in different ways. A drop in sales and commission income has people looking initially for an easy solution. Once they realise that isn't there, they might start blaming others  such as colleagues, the boss or the economy. This could include looking for any target that can be blamed and too often the target is someone who is never given the chance to answer the criticism, or put a case that  could stop the blaming.

Just the other day I was visiting with a sales team where the manager had asked for some help, as there was some disharmony and tension amongst the team. A more challenging market, less sales, pressure to meet sales targets, pressure to keep costs down, less commission income, lower bonuses, all combined to create that tension and stress. Members in the sales team were focusing on what each other was or wasn't doing, rather than focusing on what they should be doing themselves. Rather than helping each other, they were criticizing each other. Rather than talking to their clients about market reality they were blaming colleagues, their vendors and their buyers.

Let me give you a typical example. Several complained about their sellers not pricing their properties realistically or refusing to accept great offers. Some of the same people could  not however show me their written feedback or market evidence reports. Yet they still wanted to blame their vendors. When challenged about this ,the majority of them admitted their  vendor  mightn't like that feedback and it made them (the sales person) feel uncomfortable. On reflection though, they had to agree that there was a greater discomfort in having the vendor blame them for the property not selling. How do we avoid that? Front up to our sellers and share with them why it's not selling!

Another example. Blaming colleagues (to others) for having over-priced listings, yet never sitting with them and working through the market evidence to assist them get it right. Not your job you might say! In this market we all benefit from having well priced listings that we can ALL sell. Maybe your colleague knows something you don't. Find out before you start criticizing. This team took a good look at their total listings and assessed that there was $600 000 in commissions locked up in the unsold properties they already had for sale. They just weren't getting it out of the "listing bank". They resolved to work together - to respect opinions and effort - to find a "PIN" number for each listing. The "pin" number is the sales price that releases the commission. They now assist rather than criticise, they share rather than keep secrets, they ask rather than postulate, they inquire rather than assume, they tell it how it is politely, they are focused on results rather than rumour. The change is simply amazing.       

The truly wise seek out practical solutions, good advice and adopt their strategies to work in the new environment.   You can adopt this to your personal life too. If you have a problem with someone, make that time to have that conversation  and hear both sides of the story - that's the best way to save you both some heartache.   

It's a little like making sure that if you have something to say to someone, rather than talking about it with someone else, if it's that important, go to the person and discuss it with them. ONLY by doing that, can you posssibly hear another side to the story. Only when fully informed can your opinion be respected.

Quote for the Week

"That you may retain your self-respect, it is better to displease the people by doing what you know is right, than to temporarily please them by doing what you know is wrong." 

William J H Boetcker

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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