The most contagious thing in winter is...

Hi [name] and welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for [date]

The most contagious thing in winter is a SMILE

 We get to see and help many offices and this market of recent months has been really challenging for a lot of people.  Let's not pretend otherwise. One office I was asked to visit recently was in a bit of a trough and the stress was getting to everyone. The mood was not productive. The whole office had a level of expectation that sales weren't possible.

We asked them to prove sales were impossible! To make that difficult we placed on the whiteboard all the sales made in that town over the last 90 days. Yes there were sales! Suddenly a smile cracked in one sales person who had the courage to say perhaps its us? The manager was next to speak, "Perhaps I have been a bit grumpy too?" All of a sudden the team cracked and started to laugh - at themselves it would appear. This released the tension and the discussions that followed made the most constructive meeting that team had shared for many weeks.

They now have an office "smile" culture. "If you can't smile coming to work, talking with colleagues, how can you smile with your clients? So we smile at everyone!" 

"If you can't smile for yourself today, keep your frown at home!"  

Fortunately the manager had a short 3 minute comedy video handy which we were able to finish the meeting with and it worked a treat, had everyone laughing. Like they say, "Laughter is good medicine." 

Quotes for the Week

"Forget the past. Nobody becomes successful in the past."

"You are making progress if every mistake you make is a new one"

"An auction is the only place you can get something for nodding"

Yesterday is experience, tomorrow is hope. Today is getting from one to the other as fast as we can"

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Well [name] grab that smile and wear it all week.

Have fun, make money and friends

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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