Add Value to your week - engage in Valuable Tasks/Activities

Hi [name] and welcome to your Weekly Salestip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for [date]
Add real value to your week - engage in valuable activity and valuable thoughts

About a month ago I met with Nigel, another reasonably successful salesperson who was finding the new market a challenge. Nigel was in an office that was really struggling and negativity was abundant. Nigel had colleagues reassessing their sales future and Nigel was also tempted to take a look elsewhere. 

Nigel and I discussed that there were still sales to be made, commissions to be paid. Somone was doing the business. "Why not you, Nigel?" I asked.

Nigel pondered for a while and replied, "I guess because I think it's bad, because I don't expect to have success, I have stopped doing what I know works and I am accepting what I am getting."

"Is that what YOU want?"

"Of course not," he replied. "I just seem to have stopped doing what I know is required. What is now making me cross is that I KNOW what to do, I'm just not doing it." 

"Is that a useful strategy? Is that what you are proud of? Is that the best use of all the investment you have made in this career?"

It was like a switch. Nigel said, "Those sales can be mine if I choose to do what is needed!"

"What's your strategy NIgel?"

"Let's sit down and plan my week - An Ideal Week - 40 hours of useful stuff. I don't think I need to do more than 40 hours as right now I am probably doing about 10 - 15 hours of useful stuff."

Nigel made a plan for his week - he blocked it off in 30 minute bites - he prescribed the tasks he would do. Prospecting, databasing, re-qualifying clients, closing sales, creating marketing campaigns, avoiding negative colleagues etc. He was determined to avoid wasting his time.  Yes a focus on useful/effective/productive activity

Nigel was embarrassed that he had let himself down He was determined to prove to himself, his partner and manager that he was not only capable, but was committed and had the skills.

Nigel has made a real turn-around. He is working 40 hours - less than before. Yes less. He has made 3 new sales and has 4 new listings all with VMI. So what changed?

Nigel changed. His decision has made a difference. His self discipline and focus has proved his decision was genuine. Nigel is an example that many could emulate.

What are you planning for this week?     

Quote for the Week

"If you stand, stand.

If you sit, sit.

Above all, don't wobble"

Unnon Zen Master 

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Well [name] - have a truly positive week.

Have fun, make money and friends

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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