Make your own Spring

Hi [name] and Welcome to Your Weekly Sales Tip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for [date] the first day of Spring

Make your Own Spring

Here we are, Spring already and with longer daylight, warmer days and the promise of summer, it's time to make sure we have an awesome spring sales and marketing time.

This year Spring won't automatically make it happen for you. This is one year you will have to make the most of Spring YOURSELF!

So what does Spring bring?

Warmth - your smile carries that.

Growth - learning new skills and showing courage are evidence of that.

Colour - bigger advertisements will bring more colour.

Lots of new things - try new strategies and ideas. Learn NEW skills.

Vigour -  your energy must lead the way

Fresh - approach every opportunity with enthusiasm.

Blossom - your opportunities can blossom as can your income

Longer days provide opportunity to work and relax in daylight - how refreshing

Expectation - we know summer is on its way. This is a time to enjoy, to make the most of the opportunities that you can create, to show you have the courage and excitement that this time brings.

The market hasn't influenced the birds and the bees, lambs and calves are abundant. Life continues despite the market, for them. 

So Spring has brought excitement to our world. Let's bring that same excitement to your market.

Let's go make A SALE. 

 Quote for the Week

"Carpenters bend wood;

fletchers bend arrows; 

wise men fashion themselves."


 We hope you have an awesome week [name]

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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