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Hi [name]and Welcome to Your Weekly Sales Tip from Ian Keightley @ Salescoach for [date] 

Yes we have a winner and it is Ann Fielding from Harcourts, Tauranga Central. Her CD set is in the mail today. You have to be in to win and thank you to those of you who participated via email and phone in our little bit of Friday fun.

 I understand that the market is more challenging but that doesn't mean that work has to become the main focus of your life. Never forget you have chosen this great career to fund your life, not become your life.

Not for one moment am I suggesting that you should become complacent and desist from taking action to grow your business. Indeed there are all those vital tasks which need to be performed to ensure your business remains consistent. However,I would like to remind you to take care of you and those special to you. Even with the best of intentions it is very easy to slip into a pattern of focusing solely on work to the exclusion everything else.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your daily business talk to those close to you and seek out a solution. You will be amazed how the pressure eases with a little input from someone not so close to the problem.Take time to spend quality time with your loved ones and for yourself. It is not a selfish gesture. It is a sensible option and one which will pay dividends as you will feel less guilty about doing what needs to be done. There is however one golden rule for this action. BE TOTALLY PRESENT. Be totally available to spend that leisure time with your loved ones, without your mind wandering away to thoughts of work.Turn that mobile phone off! You will feel more relaxed and less guilty and they will feel more included in your world.

I too need to remind myself of that very action. For the next few months I have a hectic schedule with every second week fully committed. I have made a commitment though to keep days available for clients who need that team session to kick start Spring with more listings, more marketing and more sales. This means I too need to make sure I am feeling fit and healthy and also take that time for me. That is why on Sunday evening I plan my week so I know exactly what is required and in doing so I can ensure there is enough time to re-energise.

It is to that end that I make myself available via email or phone for those of you who need a five minute conversation to discuss any problems you may be encountering. This is at no cost to you and is invaluable to our many clients.

Now we have decided to  give another prize away to start the week with a smile. The question is "What is a Passive buyer?" Once again the first person to answer correctly receives  the prize which is our Winning Listing Presentations Audio which focuses on winning those listings @ full fee and with Vendor marketing.

 Quote for the Week

"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities"

Jean Houston

 Have a truly awesome week, and take time for you [name]

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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