The Best and the Worst

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This Market brings out the BEST and the WORST

The past few weeks have been both challenging and exciting.

The financial news, lower business expectations and that awful uncertain feeling are starting to manifest themselves in people's behaviour. For some we see stress rearing its awful evidence in reactions to a lack of sales and  fear of failure. On the other hand we see the truly motivated and committed, steadfast and focused on their goals, tasks and values. These people are actively seeking solutions and implementing changes to their business. These people see this market as an opportunity to grow their market share and some are now having record months, whilst others are falling by the wayside. 

Yes in this market we are seeing the best and worst of people.  

Five elements of the BEST are:

1    They seek counsel and advice that what they are doing is useful and make every hour a productive one.

2    They take responsibility for their own actions and reactions and not the actions and responsibilities of others. If someone else is stuck, they offer help and advice NOT sympathy. They know that what others do or don't do is their choice.

3    They work in a positive environment, lead by an inspiring manager/leader, who is actively engaging in business re-invention.

4    They always up-skill, up-skill, up-skill, up-skill, up-skill, up-skill.

5    They believe there is always business and someone has to do it - and that's THEM.

Five elements of the Worst are;

1     They point the finger at everyone - everything else and never see the 3 pointing back at them.

2     They sit and wait for the market to change.

3     They don't go to training because they believe they can't afford it but can't see the much greater cost of not going. They don't think it's them. Never, ever! They have Pity Parties at work.

4     They avoid tasks and people who might challenge them - they pull the duvet over their head hoping it will all go away.

5     Their frustration and stress shows itself in angry outbursts, unneccessary over-reactions, pushy and aggressive sales performance, complaining about the boss and staying away from work.

If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms let them know that no matter what the market, what the pressure is, the good news is that they can make the changes if they want to.  This choice is the cornerstone of our society.

Seek out a great manager, a great leader, a motivator, wise counsel, a coach, a best friend, an old friend, your partner and ask for help. Help comes when you are honest with them - this will only happen when you are firstly honest with yourself. 

Take care and make the changes that will bring the BEST of you to the market.

Sell better and Live better     

Quote for the week

"One must never lose time in vainly regretting the past nor in complaining about the changes which cause us discomfort, for change is the very essence of life."

Anatole France

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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