Fixing little bits can create an awesome TOTAL result.

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Make the little parts superb and create a superb result

Last week I was sitting by the beach taking a moment of peace from the busy schedule this market demands. Often when you sit and observe you see lessons that you can apply in your work or life. Several young boys, aged about 10 were happily skateboarding and showing off their tricks and routines. Each one had a little routine of linked moves and taking turns they watched each other's routines and accepted the challenge to add these new tricks to their repertoire.

It was fascinating to watch them one by one remove themselves from the group and find a spare space to practice the new trick on it's own. It was repeated again and again until they "mastered" it. Only then did they return to the group and insert it into their routine.

It was clear that they wanted to master the new "trick" before it became part of their regular routine. The best of these boys had a very smooth routine, no falls and performed his turn with masterful ease. Even he added a new "trick" by going aside and rehearsing (including a few falls) the new one until he had it perfect. Only then did he add it to his "show".

What was clear was they all had rehearsed bit by bit and once mastered they added the bits one by one to their performance. 

A sales presentation is no different. We often find people who admit they are great at some bits and not so great at others. 

Which part of your business are you excellent at?

Which part of your business are you average at?

Which part of your business are you not very good at?

Can you take the 10 year old skateboarder's lesson and take a moment to observe, ask, learn and rehearse those parts that need improving? Then can you add this to make your performance even more impressive?

Success may be as easy as changing our skill at those things we KNOW we need to fix.                 

Take care [name] and make the changes that will bring the BEST of you to the market.

Sell better and Live better     

Quote for the week

"Life must be understood backwards. But it must be lived forwards."

Soren Kierkegaard

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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