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Each week I meet more and more inspiring people and as we work together there is always a lesson. Yes whether they are helping me or I am helping them, there is always a lesson. The accumulation of all your lessons should lead to wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to implement the lesson appropriately to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

Recently I met Sarah who came to a simple conclusion to help her grow as a person and sales person - the lesson she enjoyed so much is one she wants me to share it with you all.

Sarah has been in a new sales role for just over  2 years and is now number 3 nationally. Sarah wished to be number one and was concerned at the plateau of her business and how she just couldn't break through. Sarah had been told to fake it until she made it. This insincere statement was creating part of the problem and here lay part of the solution.  You can never pretend to win - you have to actually win.

In our discussions we discovered this was the third role where Sarah had made the top 3, 4 or 5 and plateaued. Each time Sarah had moved on hoping a new organisation or product would make all the difference. This time we decided to look at the common element - Sarah.

Sarah soon discovered for herself that she was hoping to be number one  whilst behaving like number 3. Sarah had discovered the best lesson - you have to be it before you can be it. You have to think, talk, act and be like number one to be number one. Sarah decided to wish no more and to immediately start doing what was necessary to achieve the outcome she wanted.  Seeking outcomes of satisfaction, recognition, increased income, promotion etc Sarah has decided to stop avoiding the commitment. Anyway it is only a two year plan - it is not forever. Life can have new journeys then.  In only a few weeks Sarah has set new personal bests and is on great pathway. Sarah has put herself in control.

Each of us will have things we wish to have or achieve.

Take one of yours and decide to make it a reality. Like Sarah, you are in control.

Take this week and make something happen that you wish for - turn it into a commitment and do what is required. It might mean asking for help or advice, it might mean a few more hours, it might mean clearing up a misunderstanding with a lost friend, apologising, sharing, offering and giving.

Take one thing and make a difference to your life as that always makes the life of those around you better too. 

Quote for the week

"...this scenario will simply keep recurring as long as I refuse to risk everything for what I believe to be my real reason for living."

Paul Coehlo in "The Zahir" 

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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