The Magic of Choice

Hi [name] and welcome to Ian Keightley's Insight for Tuesday October 28th 2008

The Magic of Choice

Over our long weekend I found time to reflect over the things we do and why we do them. Time off is a critical aspect of balance and too often we find ourselves focused on the sale and don't take enough time to reflect on what really matters. The challenges of recent months have taken toll on many and we are now seeing what really matters as some prosper and others whither.  

The last few months have shown the true value of;

Great leadership

Possessing the right skill levels

The ability to adapt

The courage to face reality

The uselessness of denial

Well placed loyalty

Listening to and hearing good advice

Investing in your people and /or yourself

Asking for help

The value of determination

The truth about your goals

The value of working in a business with integrity where core values stay intact despite the pressure to do a deal at any cost.

And here is where the choices come in.

I was sitting at a cafe just watching the stream of people go by. All shapes and sizes, all styles of attire, the well groomed, the un-groomed, the tidy and the untidy. The street was full of people who had made choices about what they wore and how they looked. AND THAT FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS A CONERSTONE OF OUR SOCIETY.

None of those people had made an unconscious choice - they carefully chose those clothes to wear, to not do their hair etc., to have that "look". 

It helped to confirm that we also choose our work. Not only do we choose the actual job or role but we also choose how well we do it. And we choose that quite consciously.

So when you look at the results you are getting might they be the consequences of the choices you have made in recent days, weeks or months. People who get awesome results aren't just lucky. They choose to be that good, to do those tasks, to be that urgent, to be that energetic, focused and positive.

It's not their results that made them great. They got great first.

Those with poor results tend to not look at things that way. They love to blame something or someone else. But like the scruffy dresser, the untidy adult, they have chosen to not do, or be, as the great are. That is why in a slower market we still see people having personal best months whilst others simply watch.

Take advantage of your great freedom - choose to be the best you can be! It is after all, your right. Create your magic this week with awesome choices.

Quote for the week

"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't"

Erica Jong

I wish you an awesome week [name] and hope you enjoy the freedom to make great choices.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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