Passion to DO IT showed through.

Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for [date]

PASSION to do it showed through.

Just this morning I was walking along the waterfront and there was a very strong north easterly blowing on-shore.

On the beach were several windsurfers waiting to assemble their sailboards and getting ready to enjoy the wind.

In the wind I watched one enthusiastic windsurfer walk down the beach holding his sail as the wind tried again and again to whip it away from him. 

He then returned to his vehicle, fetched the board and walked back down the beach to see the wind dragging his sail away. He put his board down near the watersedge and fetched the sail back. He now tried to connect the sail to the board. The wind was making this difficult and he tried again and again to snap the connection together.  

Whilst he was doing this other windsurfers had arrived, and seeing the strength of the wind and his frustrations, had stayed to watch if he had success, before making an attempt themselves.

After some 10 minutes of fighting the wind and clearly becoming frustrated, the connection was suddenly made. His persistence had brought success. At this point some 50% of the other windsurfers had left. No ride for them today.

The stress of making the connection had him sit and rest a while before pushing his board into the sea and taking a wild ride with the wind. He raced across the sea, tacked and raced back near the shore and tacked away again. He was having a blast. His passion for the ride clearly showed in both the effort required to take the ride and the obvious way he showed his enjoyment whilst taking it. 

I have no doubt that the joy of the ride had erased the effort it took to take the ride. He persisted because he had a passion to take the wild ride. Without that persistence he would have missed the ride too. So many people would like to take the ride but give up and blame the elements, rather than persisting, despite the elements.  

This week are you persisting enough to take the ride - if not you may only have the effort required to complain about.

Quote for the Week

"There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity"

General Douglas Macarthur 

Have an awesome week [name] and let your passion for what you do, for what you want, give you persistence and let you enjoy the ride. 

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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