The Great December Challenge

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Now's the time to accept the December Challenge

 As I travel around New Zealand and Australia I am hearing of so many success stories and great insights into how many have beaten this market rather than  being beaten by it. Now we are  starting the busy run to the Christmas and Summer holidays. 

In recent days you hear people talking and saying things like:

"December already"

"The year is almost over"

"Can't wait for the holidays"

"Can't believe how fast the year has gone." etc, and the risk is they may be turning up to work but their head is elsewhere. This is when productivity drops.

So now here is your December Challenge

1. Check out your list of goals and see what is left to do in the next 3 weeks. Don't leave it - DO IT!

2. Who do you need to contact and make sure you have tidied up lose ends

3. What's the sales/productivity plan? Let's not waste these 3 weeks. Most are behind their budgets so don't let Decemberitis make it worse.

4. Yes it's been a tough year - yes many are tired - the break is coming. It's not here yet. Steel yourself to make the best of the next 3 weeks

5. Which/where/who is your next sale? What sale can pay you a commission or bonus before Christmas? Focus on the truly motivated.  

6. What new campaign are you coming back to in January? Let's start 2009 with a new campaign.

7. What can you do/say each day to stay on track?

8. Plan a few days off for that round of golf with colleagues or friends, for shopping, for children's graduations etc AND THEN WORK LIKE HELL THE REST OF THE TIME.

9. What else did you set out to do this year that you need to finish off. Sort this out in the next 3 weeks, then your holiday will be more enjoyable.

10. Set your own standards and stick to them. Don't get sucked in to the "party" or "lets take it easy' mentality of those who are not so committed. This is YOUR time.

Quote for the Week

"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you,

they are supposed to help you discover who you are.

Bernice Johnson Reagon 

 Have an awesome week [name] and set your plans in place for the next 3 weeks. Have a mindest that says, "I will go into holiday mode when the holiday arrives."

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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