Piece by Piece

Hi and welcome to Ian Keightley's Insight for Monday March 2nd 2009

Big things happen PIECE by PIECE - BIT by BIT.

Just last week I had the opportunity to drive the new Northern Gateway Motorway north of Auckland.

Apart from a great feat of engineering and an extension of the highway past the Orewa bottleneck it is a lesson on, to get the job done you have to make the first step - turn the first sod, dig the first hole, make the first call.

Great viaducts, huge cuttings and two tunnels. I remember the day 4 years ago when I drove past and saw a lonely earthmoving machine on the hill which is now a huge cutting as the project was started. What must the driver of that machine been thinking? But he started the first cut in the earth. Four years later all is finished.

His first cut was more important than the erection of the last roadside marker. His cut showed the intent. So with clear intent and making cut after cut the job is done.

Which project do you have in mind that needs the first steps?

Quote for the Week

"Of course you can eat an elephant, but only one steak at a time"


Have an awsome week.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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