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Hi [name] and welcome to Ian Keightley's Weekly Insight for Monday 2nd February 2009

In tough times, return to CORE tasks and activity 

Over recent weeks I have been working with some new clients and each of them has been looking for answers on how to be successful in this market. Most of them have been around for sometime. Many come looking for that special idea, the new strategy, the "winning formula", the truly unique solution that would be their secret weapon. Many are initially disappointed to find that the only unique solution is in them and how they think and work. Any idea in the open market is no longer unique. From this group there are two who are a little different. One is brand new to the industry and is like a sponge soaking up any ideas available.

Sally, on the other hand is the most interesting, returning to the real estate business and her patch after a break of a couple of years She is working hard to re-establish herself  amongst competition in a very competitive market. She knew from the start that the solution was in her, in how she went about core functions, how she thought, how she acted, how often she did it and how well she did it. Sally's advantage is that she is already highly skilled, has a database, knows how to list, market, close and negotiate-and she is highly motivated. Despite that Sally has to work within this market too. Further, Sally also knew she had to do the core things well as they were the foundation of her business in the past and were needed again to support her new business aspirations.  

Sally's level of activity in databasing activity, newsletters, phone calls and target market area prospecting is high in quality, frequency and volume.  Within days this had already generated enquiry and referrals.

Sally is not alone in her aspirations to succeed. Others to are returning to core activity in volume, fine-tuning their databases and focusing on not only sales activity from that database, but to seek from that database it's real value, it's core purpose - REFERRALS.   


Quote for the week 

"Doing more things faster is no subsitute for doing the right things"

S Covey

Last week we had a tremendously successly Auctioneers Two Workshop in Auckland and had Mark Sumich - The Australasian Auctioneering Champion - with us the whole time. TV3 came along and we hope to have a segment on their Sunrise Show next week. Keep a lookout. 

 Up-coming courses.

1.  Whole day sesssion with Ian Keightley on Winning in 2009. 9.30am to 4.00pm.

Great value day @ $99 each, pay for 4 and bring 5 - in 3 venues. Plenty of places still available.

This is not a quick gloss over day. This is an intense day focusing on scripts, dialogues and skills to suceed in tough times - win listings, collect marketing, educate your seller, close on buyers, prospect smart.

Auckland - Feb 16th -

Rotorua - Feb 19th

Christchurch - Feb 20th

2.  3 Day Rookie Academy set down for Rotorua early March will now be in Auckland later in the month, probably 23rd - 25th. $595 per person - register your interest asap. This is the best 3 Day Real Estate Course available in NZ. Awesome value.  Call us re any courses or go to


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