Act on the Present

Hi [name] and welcome to Ian Keightley's Weekly Insight for Monday February 16th 2009

Act on the Present

Harry was no different to so many salespeople we meet. He was lamenting about his drop in income, about..."listings being harder to get and when he got them they didn't sell anyway!"

Harry was a hard worker but his current frustrations were eating at his energy, focus and belief. Harry was one of those salepeople you meet at courses who resists the change in the market and the need to change himself.

Why? Because he has been successful before and as it worked in the past why change? We had a great debate and his defences were the usual:

"It won't work here. I couldn't do that. It's different here. My clients won't pay for marketing. But the property has to be worth that much. But my sellers need to get that much. There are no buyers anyway. etc"

Harry's whole mindset was negative, it attracted more and more negativity, it added to his woes and even his colleagues were tiring of his negative banter. Harry was certainly  attracting what he was focusing on. To change what he was getting he needed to change what he was thinking.

It took some time to get Harry to agree that he needed to change his approach. Harry needed to re-educate a seller with the reality of the current market - the present. We chose Harry's most difficult client as if they sacked Harry there was no risk. Why? Well  at their current market expectations Harry was NEVER going to get paid!

You see Harry was living in the past with his clients. Until Harry acted in the present his clients wouldn't either. Well not until the next agent came along and did their job. Harry saw the futilty of his in-action. We went with Harry and to Harry's surprise found his sellers were actually ready to listen - their motivation was increasing - they just needed someone to move them into the present. This was 3 weeks ago and Harry has just called to say he has a contract on the property at a figure he thought his sellers would never take. Harry at last understands it is not his job to decide what it sells for, what his seller will/will not accept or to seek buyers for values from the past - he to has to act in the present.

Harry now tells himself each morning that

"Today is going to be an awesome day - a truly awesome day. People sell and buy houses every day - of this there is no doubt - it isn't that bad. It's great." 

The more he says it the more he believes it, the more it becomes his present.

This week make you and your clients work in the present.

 Quote for the Week

"You gather around you whom you deserve"

Ian Keightley

  Course Updates:

This week is my 1 day courses in Auckland (Monday), Rotorua (Thursday)  and Christchurch (Friday). Still time to book for Rotorua and Christchurch.

3 Day Rookie Academy in Auckland March 23 -24 -25

Only $595 this year and you can pay in 2 instalments. Book at

Announcing - 2 Day Advanced Course- Auckland April 28 and 29

We have had several enquiries in recent days and requests to go ahead. For Advanced and experienced salespeople ONLY. No Rookies. 2 days with like-minded and insprirational people. 

Have an awesome week [name].

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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