The rules haven't changed - just the playing conditions

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday  23rd March 2009

The rules haven't changed - just the playing conditions

There is so much sport on these days - in watching some you hear comments about the weather, playing with the wind, into the wind, wet ball, muddy ground, slow cricket pitch, bad light, slow bounce, hard bounce, no turn, shadows on the ground etc. Both teams are playing in the same conditions though so that's fair isn't it?  But the team who adapts best is the winner.

Both teams, all the players, know what the rules are too. So no matter what the conditions they adapt and play to the conditions. 

Bit like real estate isn't it. People think the game has changed. Not really, it's just the environment, the real estate weather has changed, but the rules haven't. Are you looking for a new game or a new way to play the same game.

New tactics are better as the game is the same game. Prospect, List and Sell.

The answer lies in how we adapt to the new playing condiitons. Give yourself a team talk  this week and play to the conditions.

RULE # 1. Half many sales numbers = talk to twice as many people.

RULE # 2.  Fresh NEW listings get intense buyer enquiry and good marketing will create competition.

RULE # 3. There is NO future for Sellers and Sales people protecting the values of the past.

Play the game hard, but fair and to the conditions.

Quote for the Week

 "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand"

Randy Pausch

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Well [name] I hope you have a truly awesome week 


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